Podcast: Daisy, the Countess of Warwick

I’ve had the great pleasure of writing and recording a podcast with fellow Warwick Castle historian Aaron Manning. The documentary focuses on the extraordinary and often contradictory life of Daisy, 5th Countess of Warwick, who went from being one of the most celebrated Edwardian socialites to a staunch socialist. Indeed, it was in the 1920s…… Continue reading Podcast: Daisy, the Countess of Warwick

Warwickshire Lute Podcast

Image: The Warwick Frei Lute, by Hans Frei of Bologna, c.1550. Warwickshire Museum. I’ve recorded a short podcast to promote the re-display of the Warwickshire Museum’s mid sixteenth century lute by Hans Frei of Bologna. The podcast features a brief description of the instrument, and an interview with the museum’s Curator of Human History, Sara…… Continue reading Warwickshire Lute Podcast

The Ghost of Sir Fulke Greville (?)

Image: Engraved Portrait of Sir Fulke Greville, dated 1652 after an original painting c.1586. I’ve contributed an article to OurWarwickshire on the Murder and ‘Ghost’ of Sir Fulke Greville (1554-1628). The article explores the truth behind his supposed ‘ghost’ that haunts Warwick Castle. It also examines how this tenuous ghost story, which is barely one…… Continue reading The Ghost of Sir Fulke Greville (?)